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Posted on: November 2, 2023

New Traditional Christmas Tree At The Gordon County Courthouse Plaza

Over recent years, the Gordon County Board of Commissioners has listened to feedback from its citizens regarding their desire for a traditional Christmas tree in front of the County Courthouse. Calhoun’s Downtown Development Authority has typically provided the Christmas tree located in front of the courthouse. Last year due to the major renovation project at that location, that tree was moved to the Calhoun City Hall and they decided to keep it at that location going forward. The Board of Commissioners, wanting to assure a tree was erected at the courthouse and to honor the request of citizens, have purchased a new Christmas tree, which will be placed at the newly reopened courthouse plaza, the center of downtown, and the heart of our County. 

The artificial Adirondack Pine stands at nearly thirty feet tall and was built for traditional beauty and sustainability. With proper care and storage, this investment is expected to last well past its estimated lifespan, anticipating at least twenty plus years of annual usage. The commercial tree features powder-coated sturdy framing, UV-resistant foliage, LED lighting, can be easily expanded and be repaired as needed. The total cost of this tree was $45,854, which was entirely funded out of the $3.1 million of interest earned from investments. 

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners believes that during seasons of distress and times of uncertainty, it is essential to have a beacon of hope at the center of our community. It is not just a want, but a necessity for the soul. That's why the County is thrilled to announce the upcoming event: A Gordon County Christmas. The Board believes that this celebration, centered around a beautiful new tree, will inspire a season of peace and goodwill for all.

Chairman Bud Owens states “we believe our community will be excited about this beautiful tree. It is an investment that will last for years and for it’s inaugural year will be lit from November 11th throughout the Christmas season for the community to enjoy. We invite everyone to come to our lighting event on November 11th from 6pm to 8pm to visit with Santa and enjoy music and refreshments as we welcome the Christmas season in Gordon County.”

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